Integrated Workplace Management Solution

Integrated Workplace Management System (aka IWMS) software, is an enterprise-scale software platform that enables executives and managers to reduce these costs significantly and increase business productivity at the same time.


Integrated Workplace Management System (aka IWMS) software, is an enterprise-scale software platform that enables executives and managers to reduce these costs significantly and increase business productivity at the same time. Corporate or organization that planning ahead of time, adopting Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) to elevate efficiency, flexibility, business productivities, customer satisfaction, and transparency in their facilities management processes. The OFFISION IWMS helps to optimise the use of workplace resources to improve employee experience. It also offers various benefits such as capturing and analysing information, optimising workflows, managing operations, and improving the reporting of workplace management related processes. The OFFISON offers suitable features for real estate portfolio management, financial management, leases, capital projects, workplace services, facility and space utilisation, and energy and sustainability.

One part of the OFFISON is an advance solutions to Facility Management (FM) responsibilities in the workplace. Though facility management, the OFFISON software, corporate real estate management software, maintenance management (or lifecycle management) and lower-level employees in a variety of different departments can take charge of real estate expenditure and cost savings. They can also plan for future moves, analyse current space utility data and even perform basic administrative tasks, such as assigning desks to new employees or locating co-workers within a large office space. Move management and seating scenario planning for future premises is part of offering in OFFISON, for the business growth, cost savings, and management needs.

Compliance to the regulations stipulated in Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994, better known as OSHA 1994 is mandatory. Companies and organisations are required to provide evidences of full compliances to the authorities when they are requested to do so. HSE personnel, SHOs and Safety & Health Committee members must be well-aware and conversant with every aspect of OSHA 1994 and be able to implement them at their respected workplaces. Inadequate understanding or failure to comply to OSHA 1994 regulations could mean severe reprimands/penalties from the authorities and may endanger the workers at their respective organisations. OFFISON provide the workspace risk and hazard report transparency and clarity in statistical view straight up to the top management of the company.

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the global integrated workplace management system (IWMS) market, affecting logistics, key supply chains, shipping, and more industrial applications. According to estimates, COVID-19 is going to affect the halted projects with low profitability, and organization are showing a slow adoption of integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software and services. Hence, integrated workplace management system (IWMS) market would decline by 2-3% market growth in 2020 as compared to the year 2019. It is estimated that the integrated workplace management system (IWMS) market will grow at an annual rate of 12.5% post COVID-19 period. Also, the return of the employees at the workplace post-COVID-19, would see increasing demands for advanced integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software & services, with cloud-based application and social distancing benefits, enabling new regulations and guidelines regarding workforce safety.

While many IWMS systems focus on specific industries or enterprise applications at a very large scale, OFFISON can be tailored to work in organizations that are as small as a startup. Getting on board with IWMS software early in the business’ life cycle can help establish a culture of responsibility, planning, and financial caution that will serve you well as you move on and up through each step of the ladder. If you have enough employees or enough of an agile work culture that it’s not always clear where people are in your office, OFFISON is likely the right IWMS software solution for your organization

IWMS is crucial especially during the post pandemic or movement control Order, the working behaviour will experience a tremendous transformation. Corporate and organization shall quickly adopt the appropriate measure to deploy right standard procedure in place.

Key Modules

Space & Facility Management

Facility Management modules allow the managers to be more efficient in carrying out various administrative function ensuring the building is properly maintained and facilities is organised and accessible to staff. It can be used for allocating equipment, positioning individual workers, manage the operations of the facilities, moving items around a workflow, among others, make people easy working in the company.

Permit to Work (PTW)

Permit to Work is a systematic process used to authorize controlled work in nonstandard, potentially hazardous conditions. The process includes risk assessment, establishment of safety protocol, communication and oversight to minimize Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability risks. PTW intended to protect the health and safety of workers involved in particularly hazardous activities


Hazard identification Risk Assessment Risk Control (HIRARC) is a digital function to identify hazards that could be the cause of accidents at work. The process of hazard categorization and risk assessment in a controlled flow will resulting a consistent risk analysis. Determine the most effective control measures and evaluate their effectiveness in making sure the risk is well control before the employee engaging with their task


Each control measures to prevent accidents or corrective actions from inspection findings can be monitored its implementation and effectiveness. The Action Log and Tracking function enables reminders to be given to those concerned to ensure appropriate action are taken in preventing workplace accidents. Real time update on the completion of action provide better control over hazard and risk management.

Knowledge Assessment Test (KAT)

Knowledge management is a discipline focused on ways that organizations create and use knowledge, which is an essential corporate asset that needs to be managed like any other asset. It needs to be developed, retained, shared and applied. It helps organizations promotes and enables value creation through effective knowledge and information management, and engage with employee.

Document Management System (DMS)

DMS enforce standards of reliability for documentation at workplace, that ensure the origin of the document, information is often updated, and through proper process that perform the update. The practices form an important aspect of occupational health and safety. These include confirming that necessary safety-sensitive information is distributed appropriately within the workplace, and as a corollary, ensuring that out-of-date or otherwise incorrect information about safety-sensitive subjects is removed and replaced

HSE Inspection

Reporting accidents at work and investigating its causes is easier with digital and mobility functions. By using mobile devices, information can be collected and recorded directly from the accident scene into controlled database system. By using the recognized accident causation models, the underlaying causes of accidents can be identified and corrective action can be taken to prevent similar accidents

Defect & Risk Reporting

Complete function to record noncompliance, concern or a good example found while conducting workplace inspections. The ability to produce statistic and real-time analysis will helps employer to monitor the performance of Safety and Health Risk Control at workplace. Each finding will give the company an opportunity to improve and achieve its business objectives.

Other capability & offering
Other capability & offering